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Addressing the issue of school refusal

What to do when attendance changes

Getting the most out of pupil premium

Attendance and the new Ofsted framework

What is effective support staff supervision?

Working with students in alternative provision

Supporting children in need with their attendance

Mental health and behaviour: Updated guidance


Form – Attendance support plan

Handout – Interventions/strategies that can be included in action plans to support school attendance in cases of school refusal

Handout – Reasons why a pupil might be late or absent

Worked example – Attendance action plan

Form – Attendance action plan

Worked example – Individual support plan

Form – Individual support plan

Form – Attendance case risk management: One-to-one supervision tool

Form – Supervision record: Professional support

Form – Supporting children in need with their attendance

Form – Mental health, behaviour and attendance: A strategy planning tool for staff discussion


Q. We’re a C of E school and some parents want to keep their children off when we’re celebrating a Christian festival or attending a church service. Should this be authorised?

Q. Which communities can the ‘traveller exemption’ about the amount of annual attendance required be applied to?

Q. We mark our afternoon register at the end of the day. Does this mean that a child can come in just before registration and we have to mark them as present for the whole session?

Q. Does delaying a child’s entry to Reception when they have a late summer birthday affect when they become of compulsory school age?

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Form – Alcohol misuse: Awareness audit 

Checklist – Transitional meeting questionnaire for Year 6 to Year 7 @

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