Q. When can a pupil be dual registered? What does it mean and how do we mark the register?


A. This is another question that keeps cropping up at conferences and other events.

You can only use dual registration for a child who is officially registered at two schools at the same time (including pupil referral units), not for any other forms of alternative provision. In that case, their school must still record the pupil’s actual attendance and absence for every session, wherever they are supposed to be.

To be classed as dual registered, they must actually be admitted onto the admission register in both schools, not just attending unofficially as a guest or on a trial basis, pending a possible future transfer.

When required to attend school A, school B puts a ‘D’ in the register for each applicable session and vice versa. This means that no attendance record is kept at the school where the pupil is not required to attend on that day – and these sessions are therefore discounted from that school’s data.

If only six sessions are expected and they attend all six, that is 100% attendance for that school. The other four are for the other school to record. Only the school where they are expected to be for that session has to record a mark.

If no sessions are currently required, there will be no marks. This is so that the pupil’s personal record, which would have to be combined from both schools, still has only 10 possible sessions per week, not 20. They would, however, be a persistent absentee for the relevant school if they missed more than 10% of the required attendances in that setting during the whole school year.

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