What to do when attendance changes


Identifying emerging problems as early as possible is much more preferable than leaving them to become engrained. In this article, Dr. Pooky Knightsmith provides some practical advice on the sequence to follow when attendance patterns change.

Addressing the issue of school refusal


Attendance officers are often faced with challenges presented by school refusal. In this article, Joanne Sierzega from Central School Attendance and Welfare Services (CSAWS) provides information, advice and guidance on this difficult subject.

School phobia: Not just a refusal


The term ‘school refuser’ sounds defiant and deliberate. It suggests a child trying to ‘get out’ of going to school.…

SAM figure 1

Improving standards through attendance


Improving attendance is an important factor when it comes to raising standards. Headteacher Diane Compton explains how her team have made it intrinsic to school improvement.

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