Attendance Matters Magazine Issue 21


Addressing the issue of school refusal

Joanne Sierzega from CSAWS provides information, advice and guidance on the challenges of school refusal.

What to do when attendance changes

Dr. Pooky Knightsmith provides practical advice on the sequence to follow when attendance patterns change.

Getting the most out of pupil premium

In this second article on Pupil Premium Grants, headteacher Helen Frostick advises on how to make effective spending decisions.

Attendance and the new Ofsted framework

Suzanne O’Connell identifies some of the key issues in the new inspection service proposals.

What is effective support staff supervision?

Support staff can be left with challenging situations to manage that are sometimes beyond their capabilities. Lawrence Warburton advises on how to ensure that the best training and beneficial advice are given to these staff.

Working with students in alternative provision

Victoria Franklin considers attendance at alternative provision and suggests ways to overcome the risks.

Supporting children in need with their attendance

A new report identifies attendance as one of the main barriers preventing children in need improve their educational outcomes. Suzanne O’Connell considers the implications of this report.

Mental health and behaviour: Updated guidance

In the light of growing concern about mental health, John Viner outlines the importance of the DfE’s updated guidance on mental health and behaviour.


Ben Whitney answers questions on celebrating religious festivals within school, the ‘traveller exemption’, afternoon registration timings and implications for Reception entry delay.

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