Attendance Matters Magazine Issue 20


Attendance Matters Magazine Issue 20 contains the following new articles:

Improving experiences for the Traveller community

Suzanne O’Connell hears how one particular school works with Traveller families to support their school atendance and respect their culture.

Equipping your frontline staff for attendance

For pupils with attendance issues or those arriving late, the staff who greet them can make all the difference to future behaviour. Dr. Pooky Knightsmith explains how schools can help the office staff support pupils.

Spending pupil premium money wisely

Helen Frostick explains three tried and proven strategies that she has used to get the best value for money from her Pupil Premium Plus grant.

Down Syndrome: Supporting pupils in the classroom

Rosie Eachus gives ideas on helping Down Syndrome children learn and integrate with their peers.

Keeping children safe: Implications for attendance

Following the publication of newly revised government guidance, John Viner looks at the role of the attendance officer when it comes to more vulnerable students.

Keeping uniform in perspective

Suzanne O’Connell considers the enforcement of the school’s uniform policy and the implications for the attendance officer.

Supporting pupils with their language

Natalie Packer explains what we mean by speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) and how we can support pupils through whole-school and classroom approaches.

Understanding autism and avoiding exclusion

Hattie Stair from the charity Ambitious about Autism explains how it is support that is needed for students, rather than exclusion.


Ben Whitney answers questions on emergency contact numbers for children, the code to be used for religious absence and when legal action for absence is triggered.

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