Attendance Matters Magazine Issue 19


Issue 19 of Attendance Matters Magazine contains the following articles.

Attendance: Bridging the gap

Louise Telford, deputy headteacher with responsibility for attendance at the Cranbrook Education Campus, describes how she has implemented her role across three phases of education and within a challenging catchment.

Managing term-time holidays

Dr. Pooky Knightsmith looks at how schools can discourage term-time holidays without losing the support of their community.

Developing your reintegration policy

Victoria Franklin gives step-by-step advice and includes case studies showing what happens if schools are not prepared.

Struggling with separation

Rosie Eachus looks at ways that separation anxiety can affect children and what schools can do to help.

Tackling eating disorders: A whole-school approach

Natalie Packer explores the practical arrangements that schools can make to help support young people.

Clarifying your policy on reasonable force

Suzanne O’Connell provides guidance for schools to use when creating a ‘reasonable force’ policy.

Cause for concern to Outstanding

Headteacher Helen Frostick describes the structure she put into place to turn around her school attendance.

Managing the attendance of migrant children

John Viner looks at the cultural differences of migrant children and explains how the needs of the individual child must come first when managing attendance.


Ben Whitney answers questions on medical evidence for illnesses, change of residence, Ofsted absence measures and time off for music exams.

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