• Barry ArchibaldBarry Archibald (barchibald154@gmail.com) (2)

    Barry Archibald has been an independent adviser and trainer since 2011, delivering bespoke training and support to schools, academies and local authorities in attendance, behaviour and pupil wellbeing. Prior to that, Barry spent five years as a Regional Adviser working with the DfE and National Strategies, specialising in school attendance, behaviour and the social and emotional aspects of learning. He can be contacted via email (barchibald154@gmail.com) or via his website (http://iabie.com).

    Batul Al-khatib (batulalkhatib@hotmail.com)Batul Al-khatib (batulalkhatib@hotmail.com) (0)

    Batul Al-khatib is an educational and child psychologist who specialises in child and adolescent mental health. She works as a consultant in schools and at the Tavistock Centre. She is the co-founder of Courses for Kids (www.coursesforkids.co.uk). Batul can be contacted by telephone at 07940799914, or via email at batulalkhatib@hotmail.com

    Claire McDermott (Claire)Claire McDermott (Claire) (0)

    Claire McDermot is the Editor of Attendance Matters Magazine and has worked in B2B publishing for over 10 years. Claire is a freelance editor and can be contacted on: Claire@clmpublishing.co.uk

    David BirchDavid Birch (birch_david@outlook.com) (3)

    David Birch is Associate Director of the National Education Trust and a freelance education consultant. He is a school improvement adviser working with LAs in the south-west of the UK, and is a frequent speaker at conferences and training events. Previously, he was principal of a secondary school in Devon, following a career teaching English in London and Oxfordshire. birch_david@outlook.com

    Dr. Suzanne O'ConnellDr. Suzanne O'Connell (Dr. Suzanne O'Connell) (42)

    Dr Suzanne O’Connell is a freelance writer specialising in education. She is also the Managing Editor of Attendance Matters Magazine. Prior to this she taught for 23 years and was a headteacher of a junior school in Nuneaton for 11 years.

    Jessica MusettiJessica Musetti (Jessica Musetti) (0)

    Business Development Manager
    Jess is responsible for partnerships for Forum Magazines and events. You can contact Jess on: Jessica.musetti@forumbusinessmedia.co.uk or telephone:

    Kate HinchliffeKate Hinchliffe (kate@impactfirst.co.uk) (1)

    Kate Hinchliffe is the Director of Impact First, formed in 2010. Kate is a qualified teacher with an MBA from Durham University. She has held leadership positions across a range of organisations, her career focusing on leading the development and reform of organisations, teams and individuals to improve outcomes through better performance. Contact her via email at: kate@impactfirst.co.uk. Her website is: www.impactfirst.co.uk

    Louise WingroveLouise Wingrove (louise.wingrove@funkylearning.com) (4)

    Louise Wingrove has been a trainer and coach for over 20 years and has led global training for both public and private sector companies. She is a director of Funky Learning, a learning and development consultancy. Louise can be contacted by email: louise.wingrove@funkylearning.com

    Matt BromleyMatt Bromley (matt@bromleyeducation.co.uk) (3)

    Matt Bromley is an experienced education writer, consultant, speaker and trainer. In a leadership career of more than 15 years, he was Group Director of a large FE college and multi-academy trust, acting Headteacher of one of the top five most improved schools in England, Deputy Headteacher of a small rural school, and Assistant Headteacher of a large inner-city school. He speaks regularly at conferences and is a successful author of several best-selling books. You can find out more at www.bromleyeducation.co.uk and follow him on Twitter @mj_bromley email: matt@bromleyeducation.co.uk

    Professor Ken Reid (kenreid888@yahoo.co.uk)Professor Ken Reid (kenreid888@yahoo.co.uk) (1)

    Professor Ken Reid, OBE, is the author or co-author of over 20 books on education, some 200+ articles in academic journals and was the Chair of the Welsh Government’s National Behaviour and Attendance Review (NBAR). He works regularly with schools and local authorities on improving school attendance. Ken can be contacted at: kenreid888@yahoo.co.uk.

    Richard Legg (Richard Legg)Richard Legg (Richard Legg) (0)

    Graphic Designer
    Richard Legg is Graphic designer at Mimeo and looks after the design of all Forum magazines.

    Sarah MurdochSarah Murdoch (Sarah.Murdoch) (118)

    Sarah Murdoch is Publisher for Attendance Matters Magazine. She is supported by an experienced team of commissing editors, editors, and designers.