Attendance Matters Magazine Issue 34



Attendance in the spotlight

There is currently a lot of focus on attendance through research and consultations. Joanne Sierzega highlights the key reports and considers how we can put their messages into practice.

Getting the most out of meetings

How are the meetings you attend managed and how could they be improved? Andrew Blench provides his suggestions.

Unmet SEND needs as a barrier to attendance

Laura Juniper offers insight into how unmet SEND needs might be causing non-attendance at school.

Here’s hoping for the new Attendance Alliance

Attendance has proved hugely challenging for many schools, over the past couple of years. In this article Emma Meadus considers the lessons learned in lockdown and the government support that’s needed.

Working hand in hand: A whole-school approach to safeguarding and attendance

Steve Burnage looks at how addressing attendance can be built into a whole-school approach that recognises the difficulties families may be experiencing.

Employing an education welfare company: Experience, reputation and value for money

Now is a good time to reflect on what to consider when commissioning an education welfare service. Tracy McLennan offers her tips for securing the right service for you.

Preparing for the new school year

Victoria Franklin outlines the DfE’s plans for 2022–23 and provides some practical advice to get you off to the best start in September.

Premium Plus

How to reduce violent and challenging behaviour in SEND children

Yvonne Newbold MBE gives advice on how to support children with distressed behaviours.

A practical approach to building an effective parent forum

Sarah Stokes explains how communication with parents can be improved through parent forum.


Q. Could you please confirm what the guidance is around the use of the traveller absence code (T). Is there a set number of sessions which this can be used for?

Q. I have been asked to update/write a new attendance policy for school. I have looked at some examples, but could you confirm what areas an attendance policy must include?

Q. Could you please advise on what procedures to follow for Year 12 pupils who are not attending their courses? We have two pupils in Year 12 who are feeling that they cannot complete the year. One has found work experience and an apprenticeship starting in October.

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