Attendance Matters Magazine Issue 27



Mental health and well-being strategies to improve attendance

Emma Meadus, headteacher of Coppice Valley Primary School in Harrogate, shares what their offer consists of.

A casework approach to attendance

We are currently experiencing additional challenges in securing regular school attendance. Joanne Sierzega explores how we can best support parents using a casework model.

Starting out in school attendance

Sian Hickey, an attendance intervention manager at a multi-academy trust, shares her advice for those who are new to a role.

Managing attendance: Picking up the threads

Victoria Franklin considers how attendance officers can begin to identify attendance issues and address them after the current period of confinement and enforced absence.

A school-wide approach to attendance

Through a case study of Bishop Young Academy, Emily Kempthorne describes how every member of staff needs to be involved in addressing barriers and making reasonable adjustments.

Running in-house parenting programmes

Samantha Garner describes the benefits of parenting programmes to educational outcomes and lists things to think about when hosting your own.

The way back following Covid-19

As schools re-open, attendance officers must work closely with senior leaders to make sure parents are clear about what to expect. Sue Cowley highlights some key points for consideration.

When attendance is optional

John Viner describes his personal experience of how governing bodies have been working closely with schools to interpret Covid-19 directives and guidance.

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Covid-19: Tackling the trauma

Tania Tirraoro reflects on the Covid-19 pandemic, and how that has impacted on SEN pupils and those who support them.

Racial equality in the spotlight

Yvonne Hardiman takes a timely look at racial equality in the workplace.


Q. I am an attendance officer for a school in Manchester. A Year 8 pupil’s family has relocated to Birmingham. This was a planned move and they have provided their new address and new school details. They have been in touch to advise that, whilst the move has gone ahead, the new school has been unable to offer a start date as there have been delays in the admissions process, due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Therefore, their child cannot start school until September. How should I mark the child’s absence?

Q. How should a child’s absence be marked if the school does not have confirmation of the child’s whereabouts?

Q. We have had an enquiry from a Year 9 pupil’s parent asking whether the young person can do extra hours at their part-time job whilst unable to attend school (as they are not in an eligible year group).

Q. What are the current national averages for absence and persistent absence (PA) in a primary school PRU?

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