Attendance Matters Magazine Issue 26


Taking a fresh look at attendance

Emma Meadus, headteacher of Coppice Valley Primary School in Harrogate, describes why off-the-shelf attendance policies don’t always work

Guide to an effective counselling service

Samantha Garner gives advice on the structure you should have in place to ensure that your counselling provision properly meets your students’ needs.

Attendance and Ofsted: Is it still just a numbers game?

Tony Powell looks at whether Ofsted inspectors are still constrained by grade descriptors linked to data and asks whether good practice now plays a larger part than in the past.

Selecting mental health interventions

Samantha Garner provides starting points for schools that are looking to expand their mental health interventions for students and staff.

How to use the latest data

Joanne Sierzega summarises the results of the 2018/19 full year data and gives guidance on how attendance officers can use it to support their own analysis

Working together: Strategic and child-centred approaches

Victoria Franklin explains how these two approaches to attendance don’t have to be at odds with one another.

How to work effectively with other staff

In the second of two articles, Matt Bromley outlines three important factors when working collaboratively with colleagues, with a focus on engaging with new and supply staff.

Attendance and safeguarding

The attendance officer is in a froPntline position to spot safeguarding issues. Richard Steward outlines some important factors in carrying out your responsibilities.

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Mental health in the workplace

As teaching staff and headteachers continue to leave the profession under the pressures of workload and accountability, Yvonne Hardiman takes a timely look at mental health in the workplace.

Addressing attachment needs

How can schools support children with attachment difficulties to get high-quality outcomes in mainstream schools? Assistant headteacher Aimee Cave explains her approach.


Q.  I’m hoping you can help me. My daughter is competing in an international cheerleading competition in June. She needs three days off from school. This will be after her SATs. The school is only allowing exceptional circumstances for leave. If this leave were to be granted, could she be marked down as educated off-site? As she is training and performing it’s harder than a P.E lesson. I also know that other children who were taking part in a pantomime were marked down as this.

Q.  What do we code a child who attends school but has to go home due to his ADHD behaviours? We also have other students who can’t cope with attending school all day due to their mental health and need to be sent home. Should we use the ‘C’ code for these students or should we code them as ‘I’ for illness?

Q.  How should we mark our register in a period of enforced closure such as the current Covid-19 outbreak?

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