Attendance Matters Magazine Issue 22


Exploring the issue of knife crime

Suzanne O’Connell identifies some of the key issues for schools raised in Ofsted’s latest report on how to safeguard children from knife crime.

New absence data: What does it mean?

Joanne Sierzega explores the key patterns for absence and persistent absence highlighted in the newly published absence data for 2017–18 and discusses the implications for attendance officers.

Improving sixth form attendance

Victoria Franklin provides practical advice for schools looking to improve their sixth form attendance culture and policy.

Understanding and responding to challenging behaviour

How can we look beyond the label of ‘bad behaviour’ and respond and support a child in the best way? Dr. Pooky Knightsmith shares her advice that begins with us asking ‘Why?’

Attendance and the new education inspection framework: Part one

Matt Bromley outlines the main changes in the forthcoming new framework anddescribes what evidence will be gathered by inspectors in order to make their judgements.

Attendance and the new education inspection framework: Part two

In this second article on the new inspection schedule, Matt Bromley looks specifically at the Behaviour and attitudes judgement and what the implications may be for attendance officers.

How to listen so that young people feel supported

Dr. Pooky Knightsmith provides us with ten suggestions to help ensure that students feel genuinely listened to.

Breaking the cycle of domestic abuse

Elisabeth Carney-Haworth outlines the draft Domestic Abuse Bill and offers some ideas for how schools might respond.


Joanne Sierzega answers some frequently asked questions on religious observance, when permanently-excluded students can be taken off the school roll and how to calculate persistent absence figures for specific groups of pupils.

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